I help leaders align their message, style & personal brand with where they’re headed & how they wish to be perceived.

I help leaders align their message, style & personal brand with where they’re headed & how they wish to be perceived.

Meet Kimberly.

I create important content for leaders.

Kimberly is a career consultant who has provided communications strategies and executive-level writing support for presidential appointees, federal agency leadership, Fortune 100 Board of Directors and the senior leadership of global enterprises.

She is known for helping leaders to expand their platforms and engagement across large audiences by communicating to-and-from the top using corporate storytelling, inclusive messaging, and information design to communicate strategic vision, brand narrative, important changes and thought leadership.

Executive Communications Areas of Experience:

  • Inclusive Messaging (for Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Multi-generational audiences)  
  • Digital Strategy (Thought Leadership Ghostwriting, Social Media) 
  • Presentation Coaching (Media Training, Scripting, Talking Point Development)
  • Information Design (Executive-level Slide Presentations, Technical Writing)
  • Image Consulting (Executive Presence, Personal Style)

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